Theatrical Releases This Week - December 26th to 31st

Team FC

Devil (Telugu) - December 29

Devil is billed as an action-packed thriller that follows a British secret agent on a mission to unravel a mysterious web of love, deceit, and betrayal. 

Kaatera (Kannada) - December 29

Kaatera, from director Tharun Sudhir is a Kannada action drama that unfolds against the backdrop of an agrarian issue, offering an exploration of the searing realities of pastoral India.

Bubblegum (Telugu) - December 29

Bubblegum is a contemporary love story that delves into the lives of Adi and Jhanvi, a young couple navigating the complexities of modern relationships.

Migration (English) - December 29

Benjamin Renner's animated comedy follows a family of ducks embarking on an adventurous journey from a New England pond to Jamaica. However, their plans take an unexpected turn as they find themselves lost in the bustling city of New York.

Route No. 17 (Tamil) - December 29

The Tamil thriller directed by Abhilash G Devan focuses on a mysterious plot centered on a forbidden path that trespassers decide to explore after being off-limits for thirty years.

Badmash Gallaki Bumper Offer (Telugu) - December 29

The film reportedly tells a tale where two men take matters into their own hands by kidnapping their boss, involved in illicit real estate dealings, with hopes of a financial windfall. However, their actions lead to the revelation of shocking truths.