Theatres Or OTT: Is the OTT Audience Stagnating?

Prathyush Parasuraman

High Point

Ashram had garnered over 15 million views, according to Ormax Media. This rupture of a statistic can be read in two ways. One is the pull of the scandalous story itself and then there is the app on which it released, MX Player, which streams shows for free.

‘Free’ is Not the Magic Word

JioCinema has been providing its Indian content for free Yet, not a single show or film has been able to breach the double-digit millions of Aashram.

What Has Happened To That Promise? 

When it made landfall in India, OTT promised not just a new kind of storytelling, but also held out the hope of finding a new audience by refashioning ourselves, our preferences, with fresh, cutting-edge narrative.

There is a Palpable Unease About Widening The Audience

When shows like the second season of Made In Heaven (MIH) do not perform well, a shockwave descends. An explanation given by an insider was that it was an “English-language show”, which restricts its viewership among the “mass audience”.

New Horizons

When SonyLIV decided to divide  Scam 2003 in two, and separating the halves by months, it appeared to be a move to sustain subscribers, rather than increase viewership.