The Wonder Ending, Explained (In Detail)

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Is Anna Really Fasting?

Lib initially thinks that Anna’s family is telling the truth. Despite her careful, round-the-clock observation, which ensures that Anna isn’t eating undetected, the child continues to remain in perfect health

What Does Lib Do Next?

As Anna’s health worsens, Lib tries to get the local council to see that if the girl does not eat, she will die. They don’t believe her, preferring to think that God has been looking out for her this whole time.

This is Where The Film Drives Home 

the insidiousness of certain narratives, and how blind belief in them can be fatal. The villagers refuse to think logically or critically, putting their faith in God even at the cost of Anna’s life.

Despite The Flimsiness of The Narrative

While Anna’s family is out, Lib escorts her out of the house and then sets fire to it. She tells the council that Anna died in the blaze and that her corpse disintegrated.

Lib Rechristens Anna as ‘Nan’

She convinces her that having been born anew, she can begin eating again. Nan, Lib and William (Tom Burke), a journalist who Lib fell in love with, pose as a family and sail to Sydney, where they can start a new life. 

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