The Women in Shahrukh Khan's Jawan

Deepanjana Pal

Even Though Jawan is Very Much a Shah Rukh Khan Film

The film’s women characters do get multiple chances to shine. They’re also not shoehorned into the plot solely to service the hero’s self-discovery or ascent to greatness.

One of The Loudest And Most Raucous Sets of Whoops

The Loudest Cheer from the audience came when the women of Belamvada Jail took matters into their own hands and picked up some gigantic guns to take on the bad guys.  

Although They’re Eventually Sidelined or Forgotten

The women of Jawan have their own stories and motivations. None of them need a man to either save them or help them understand how awesome they are.

During The Climactic Fight

All the women are pushed into jail cells, ostensibly for their safety but really, it’s done so that the men can do their thing without having to bother with sharing the spotlight with the other gender

Helps To Balance The Film’s Machismo

Padukone’s extended cameo once again makes a case for her potential to be Bollywood’s next action hero. Both her and Nayanthara’s scenes with Khan give both Jawan and Khan a tenderness.