The Woman-Shaped Problem In A Lokesh Kanagaraj Film

Harshini S V

Kaithi, A No-Woman’s Land

Barring Dilli’s daughter, his probation officer and Deepthi, a college student at the police station, there is no other female character in Kaithi (2019). For argument's sake, let’s say the story didn’t require a woman. But is that really the case?

Women as Romantic Partners

When Gayathri tells Amar that she will never question his job in Vikram (2022), is it an innovative relationship arc or just lazy writing that feeds into male fantasy where a dream girlfriend never questions her man?

Maanagaram (2017)

a tightly structured hyper-link film, the romance between the characters played by Sundeep Kishan and Regina Cassandra seemed half-baked. Like in the Amar-Gayathri story, this pair has a past and we only witness a small part of their present.


Leo (2023)

It's Only In Leo that we see a woman travel as long as a hero in a Lokesh Kanagaraj film. Trisha’s Sathya has got blood and flesh. She isn’t there only to blindly trust Parthi or just to get killed in his fight to live.

Master (2021)

The film spends over four minutes for Vijay’s introduction sequence. But Malavika Mohanan’s Charulatha doesn’t get any solid introduction. In hindsight, Charulatha is among the many Tamil cinema heroines written just to repair the men in their lives.