‘The Other Zoey’ Review: Make This Frothy Rom-Com Your Next Comfort Watch

Sharanya Kumar

You Know Zoey is Going To End Up Falling In Love 

What is refreshing about The Other Zoey is that this time, instead of the male lead being the cynic, it is the film’s female protagonist who is an ultra-rational coder with no time for rom-coms.

Predictable Though It May Be,

The Other Zoey wears its clichés with pride. hen we first meet the protagonist of The Other Zoey, she is emphatically tearing down the concept of love and romance in her university classroom.

The Great Reveal

True to the tradition of rom-coms, much of this last chapter sees Zoey moping and learning to open up to the world and its possibilities. 

The Other Zoey Is Quietly And Cleverly Contrarian

For a film that started out with the threat of a female lead who is “not like other girls” just because she doesn’t believe in love, Director Sara Zandieh and writer Matthew Tabak come across as true fans of the rom-com genre