The John Wick Hitlist: Top 10 Kills From The Action Franchise

Team FC

The kitchen slab nutcracker
Half an hour into the first movie, we finally get to know why John is feared as the Boogeyman, when he demonstrates how to crack a hitman's nut on a kitchen slab.

Of course, a horse is a cannon
John pats a horse hard, horse kicks open an assassin's head. The kill is both ridiculous and joyous

John hates video gamers
Through most of the first movie, John Wick is a deadly, close quarter 'Gun-fu' kind of guy. Then he quickly switches gears and shows us his sniping skills, and his hatred for FPS video gamers.

John hates single-use plastic
Kidnapped, cornered and bound by Viggo and his men, John promptly announces he's back.

Reflections of the soul
Ruby Rose's stylishly murderous Ares and John Wick face off in a modern-art 'mirror exhibit' titled Reflections of the Soul.