The Great Indian Family Review: Vicky Kaushal Starrer is a Good-Natured Social Satire

Team FC

You’re Constantly On The Edge

It’s hard to make a religious satire these days. But it’s probably harder to enjoy one. You’re constantly afraid of your relationship with a film.

It Remains Unperturbed By The Current Climate

The film doesn’t seem to be worried about how it will be perceived. It’s unapologetically playful, direct, melodramatic, corny, cheeky and preachy.

There’s An Innocence About The Way It Unfolds 

An innocence that has all but vanished from today’s politically charged and reactionary Hindi-film landscape. It may speak to the India of 2023, but it could have been written in any of the previous decades.

There’s More Text Than Subtext

The secularism is old-school, a throwback to not only the clear-eyed satires of the recent past but also the outspoken social terrains of the Seventies and Eighties.

Floating Above Bigotry

It’s also nice that the commentary in the end is not skewed towards a side. It raps the knuckles of the public, yes, but it also conveys that democracy is the language of plurality. It’s about choice, not imposition.