The Fall Guy Movie Review

Sharanya Kumar


Ryan Gosling brings Kenergy to this action comedy. Co-starring Emily Blunt, what sizzles in this film is the action rather than the romance. That’s not necessarily a bad thing.

Breaks The Fourth Wall Repeatedly

It’s an all-heart love letter to stunt performers, who “take all of the hits and get none of the credit.” The Fall Guy chips away at that fourth wall repeatedly over the course of its run-time, weaving in moments of meta commentary that are amusing but also interruptions.

Emily Blunt is a Film Director

Blunt, who stated Greta Gerwig as an inspiration for Jody, is lovely as the harried first-time director — a little bit in over her head, but who knows exactly what she wants. You wish Blunt had more to do in the earlier parts of The Fall Guy.

Stunted by the Details 

In its final act, there are many cute and quirky moments, but by this point, the meta commentary feels worn out. Real and reel keep slipping into one another.


There’s something warm and eminently likeable about The Fall Guy, even when the film is at its weakest. As the credits roll, we see a long, long list of stunt performers who contributed to the making of The Fall Guy.

Fun Summer Actioner

It’s silly, over-the-top and just a little overlong, but The Fall Guy is a fun summer actioner with its heart firmly in the right place.