The Crown Season 6 Part 2: Defeatist, Tedious and Gratuitously Sympathetic to the Monarchy

J. Shruti

Brace Yourselves

The second part of the latest season of The Crown has one of the dullest romantic arcs in its six-season history. The romantic conflict that follows is dry as dust: His sort-of-girlfriend walks in and is piqued by his supposed philandering.

The Problem of Recent History 

Peter Morgan’s series has now successfully taken the shape of a Hallmark-style, tepid Saas-Bahu drama that revels in its platitudes. we are acutely aware of the succeeding events. 

Any Critiques of The Monarchy

That emerge from non-royal quarters are bludgeoned into oblivion by The Crown with a puritanical focus on the interiority of the family, to which the show is aggressively sympathetic.

We Will Not Be Privy To 

What the actual conversations around Kate being assimilated into monarchy were because of how strenuously the show is veering off of controversial provinces.

From Playing it “Safe” To Becoming a Proponent of The Institution

To have the creators be so thoroughly shy of their original preoccupation to probe, is as its own esteemed subject would say, a “tawdry spectacle”. The show disconsolately cowers beneath the acidic castigations of its previous arcs.

There is a Persisting Adulatory Overtone

For Elizabeth II as the woman who was the forebearer of the institution. Anyone who has different sentiments for the monarchical institution can search for ways in which the creator tries to undercut this lionising.