The Best CID Episodes, As Explained By Their Writers

Team FC


Abhijeet shoots Daya, nearly killing him. That’s not a plot twist you’d ever see coming in a CID episode and that’s exactly why Christabelle D’Souza knew she had to do it. D’Souza joined the show around its 250th episode and estimates that she wrote or co-wrote 600 more episodes.

A Dog Attack

The first story Nitika Kanwar ever wrote for CID came with a massive caveat: Create an episode about the terror of being attacked and killed by a dog…except that the dog couldn’t actually be shown on camera. At first, the idea came to her while she was browsing one of many scientific research books BP Singh had stored at his office for reference.

Khooni Drugs

Gopal Kulkarni, who wrote around 50 CID episodes, knew that he wanted to write a story in which the victims would traditionally be the villains on any other show. In Khooni Drugs, a man, whose sibling died of a drug overdose, begins murdering drug dealers in the area. “I wanted to explore what the family of someone who has overdosed goes through,” he said. “The episode was designed such that the CID would investigate the deaths of drug dealers, people who are otherwise looked down upon.”

The Case of the Invisible Bomb

Prabhal Baruah owes his eight-year-long CID writing career to a medical checkup. At Mumbai’s Breach Candy Hospital for a series of tests in 2001, he found out that former prime minister Atal Bihari Vajpayee was undergoing a knee surgery there at the same time.

Chasing The Phoenix Tattoo

A former cop is hired to kill a woman only identifiable by the tattoo of a phoenix on her shoulder. He’s fatally wounded, but his last words to the police are that his intended victim is in danger. They don’t know her name or what she looks like. How do they find her? “More than the story, I was thinking about the visuals,” said Santosh Shetty, who went on to write or co-write around 60 episodes for the show and direct 700 more.

Wicked Motel

After his car breaks down, Daya checks into a remote motel with only seven other guests. When they begin turning up dead one by one and the power goes out, he must attempt to solve the case alone since he has no way of reaching the rest of the team.