"The Archies is a Storybook Come to Life" Says Zoya Akhtar

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It’s in Hinglish

It’s Very Different. It’s not always just a dry translation of English to Hindi. Farhan Akhtar Did the dialogue on this because he is also an Archie fan and can easily slip into Hindi from English.

Why Archies?

For us, it was a portal to the West when we were growing up, and you could see the things you didn’t get in India. It was Aspirational. In order to capture that essence, India was a big market for them so they were very keen that the first Archies film comes out of India. 

Media Attention

What I find fascinating is There were 7 kids on the poster and the media only spoke about 3 and they turn around and tell us of Nepotism. Actually, you’re the one not giving the other 4 attention. You took away their moment.


We did so many auditions. We want kids to play 17-year-olds. These are the people who want to act. They have come in and tested and I went it who I thought was best. There are 7 kids on the poster, you are only talking about the 3, do you remember the other 4’s name?

They Were Raw. It’s Their First Time Facing a Camera

What mattered was did they have the Archie-ness? They have done 3 acting workshops, they had Bootcamp. They’ve learned skating, cycling, swimming, singing, musical instruments, and how to walk on tracks. We did a whole camera workshop for them. They are seasoned. 

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