The 7 Best Thrillers To Stream Now on Disney+ Hotstar

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School of Lies

Starring Nimrat Kaur in the leading role, this series revolves around a 12-year-old who goes missing from a high-profile boarding school, leading to shocking revelations.


Upon her mother's death, a daughter begins suspecting her father to be behind the murder. Boman Irani plays the role of a fractured parent fantastically.

Revenge of Others

This K-drama has everything you would expect from a high-school thriller: teenagers, substance abuse and violence.

The Menu

A couple travel to a remote island to dine on an exclusive menu prepared by a chef, only to be served some nasty surprises.

Johnny Gaddaar

This Sriram Raghavan film revolves around five men and a bag of cash which gets stolen. In true Raghavan fashion, the film is dark, intricate and humorous.

The Nighthouse

Rebecca Hall and a lakeside home? You know things are about to get creepy. Watch her journey as she grieves the sudden death of her husband and grapples with disturbing visions.

See How They Run

The plan for a movie adaptation of a smash hit play comes to a standstill when the director is murdered and is body is dumped on stage. Inspector Stoppard and his eager but clumsy rookie partner take up the case.

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