The 5 Greatest Plot Twists in the History of Films

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This Christopher Nolan movie is narrated backwards and follows a man who has short-term memory loss. The only thing he is certain of is the murderer who killed his wife, and who he has to find at any cost. The twist comes in the form of friends who reveal themselves to be foes.

Get Out

A man visits his girlfriend's family only to realize that they're not who they claim to be, and the reason he has been invited to their place is more vindictive than he had expected.

Mulholland Drive

A woman with amnesia breaks into an aspiring actor's home. They embark on a journey to uncover what really happened to the latter. In this David Lynch movie, the actor is oblivious to her own truth.


In this Ari Aster film, a daughter reels when, after her mother's death, she finds out that the latter was part of a coven.

Shutter Island

Two US marshals visit a psychiatric facility on an island to find a missing patient. Ultimately, we learn that the protagonist is a patient himself and that their 'mission' is his doctor's attempt to bring him back to reality.

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