The 5 Best "So Bad, It's Good" Films You Can Stream Online

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Karzzzz on Disney+ Hotstar

This is a remake of the 1980 Rishi Kapoor-Simi Garewal film but with a Himesh Reshammiya twist. The grand home of "Tandoori Nights", the movie also has Reshammiya in enviable bangs.

Main Prem Ki Diwani Hoon on Amazon Prime Video

Gems include insults like "toolbox", terrible CGI and Hrithik Roshan acting as if he snorted something before every take.

Rudraksh on YouTube

Sanjay Dutt plays a nightclub bouncer cum karate sensei cum Hanuman devotee who can cure people through the power of meditation. Must we say more?

Gunda on YouTube

OG of all pulpy films, one could make a drinking game out of Gunda's peculiar dialogues.

Prem Aggan on YouTube

Apart from the famous "Exercise" song ('Oh yeah!'), this film is watchable for Fardeen Khan's robotic dialogue delivery.

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