The 5 Best Moments Of Amazon Prime Video’s Air

Team FC

Sonny Vaccaro watches a tape of Michael Jordan playing

Sonny, however, focuses on how the sport makes him feel. Those emotions are on full display as he watches a tape of Michael Jordan’s highlights at home. Sonny bolts upright in his chair – this is the moment he realizes he’s found a once-in-a-generation talent

The shoe is designed

While discussing whether the shoe should prioritize form or function more, Peter drops the line, “Poetry only makes the world beautiful, it’s engineering that got us to the moon.”

Sonny meets Michael Jordan's mother

Michael is inside but his mother (Viola Davis), firmly insists that it’s not time for them to meet yet. Instead, she invites him to talk to her and the conversation doesn’t go how you’d expect. Instead of strategy and contracts, they talk about parents and sacrifice.

Rob Strasser talks about why he needs this job

It’s easy to get swept up in Sonny’s maverick courage while dismissing the rest of Nike workers as unimaginative and unwilling to take risks. In one scene, however, the film lays out just how much is on the line for them, and makes us sympathetic to their reluctance to go along with Sonny’s grand plans.