Thankamani Review

Vishal Menon

Stylized Action and Revelation

Thankamani's stylized action sequence lacks originality, and the premature revelation of the murderer's identity diminishes suspense, resulting in a repetitive and unengaging plot.

Melodramatic Tale

Despite being based on a real-life incident, Thankamani veers into melodrama, sidelining the event's impact. It fails to deliver meaningful scenes and lacks authenticity compared to similar films like Karnan.

Lack of Depth

Thankamani's portrayal of tensions between townsfolk and police lacks depth, reducing complex themes to shallow indifference. Inconsistent characterization undermines the film's attempts at tension and drama.

Non-linear Narrative

The film's non-linear narrative fails to create tension, with inconsistent character reactions and contrived flashbacks. Abel's demeanor lacks coherence, diminishing the film's attempt at building suspense.

Superficial Nostalgia

Thankamani's unrealistic action sequences and gimmicky shots detract from its attempt at evoking nostalgia for the 80s, resulting in superficial portrayal and disappointment for viewers expecting authenticity.

Superficial Era Depiction

The film's flawed filmmaking basics and disjointed narrative hinder its attempt at recreating the 80s era. Thankamani's portrayal of real events lacks depth, leaving audiences longing for a more authentic and meaningful depiction.