Thank You for Coming Review | FC At TIFF 2023

Akash Singh

Plot In A Line

One day Kanika Kapoor (Bhumi Pednekar) verbalizes the truth she’s never said out loud to anyone: she’s never had an orgasm. The film’s Message to Demolish Social Norms is Strong. 

On One Side

If you hold onto the strict “morality” that tells women and queers that sex outside of a straight marriage, then you’re a prude, boring, unworthy of being approached or attention.

On The Other

If you don’t, then you’re a slut, a whore, someone who will bring shame upon everyone she’s associated with because of how sociopathic society can be about sex.

Third-Act Conflict

The Film’s Biggest Misstep comes late in the third act, where, like so many other films, it feels the need to have a third-act fight or conflict when it’s simply unnecessary. 

But Overall

Thank You For Coming is a hilarious, heartfelt, and engaging film about untangling Desi society’s fixation on the sexual pleasures of straight men.

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