Thank You For Coming Review: Despite Star Turns, The Comedy Doesn’t Hit the Spot

Deepanjana Pal

Thank You For Talking About This

Thank You For Coming deserves some praise for talking about female pleasure and peopling the film with women who (mostly) don’t conform to stereotypes of ‘good’ girls.

Breaking The Stereotype

Women in Thank You For Coming drink like fish, party hard, go to drag shows, aren’t coy about their desires, and curse colourfully.

A Refreshing Change

From the humourless paragons of feminine strength and virtue generally platformed by Indian entertainment. If only the storytelling lived up to this promise. 

Looking For Punchlines

Parallel to Kanika’s quest is the film’s hunt for comedy. Despite having a standup comedian among its writers and director Karan Boolani amping up the film’s comic tone, the laughs in Thank You For Coming are too few and far between. 


Thank You For Coming isn’t interested in any character arcs or Various possibilities with the idea. It’s satisfied with flatness and predictability. That’s a shame because both Pednekar and audiences deserve better.