‘Thallumaala’ Gave Us A Lot of Confidence In Our Material: Director Nahas on 'RDX'

Vishal Menon

'RDX', a Martial-Arts Based Action Film Set in The Nineties 

Weekend Blockbusters, the production house that was behind the sensational streaming hit Minnal Murali (2022), is back with their next production.

RDX is Directed By Debutant Nahas Hidhayath

The film deals with three brothers who are forced to go back to their old ways when pushed to their extreme.  Shane Nigam, Anthony Varghese and Neeraj Madhav in lead roles.

What Are Their Characters in The Film?

It's basically a story that takes place in the late 90s about this gang that goes around misusing their karate training, turning into a headache for their master played by Babu Anthony. 

How Did You Make Such a Big Film For Your Directorial Debut?

Ever since Aaravam got shelved, I have been trying to get many projects to take off, but nothing has worked out for a variety of reasons. Sophia Paul ma’am, the head of Weekend Blockbusters, greenlit the project and decided to go ahead with RDX.

What About The Initial Casting?

Since these three main guys are all playing brothers, it is difficult to get the casting right. We went ahead with this group since I have been good friends with Anthony Varghese, ever since narrating Aaravam to him.