Tejas Review: Kangana Ranaut Crashes Headfirst Into Comedy

Rahul Desai

It’s Not Necessarily A Problem

Gone are the days when Kangana Ranaut played different characters. Now different characters play Kangana Ranaut. Shah Rukh Khan has made an artform out of this.

The Latest Fictional Surrogate Is Tejas Gill

the all-in-one hero of Tejas and an IAF (Indian Air Force) fighter pilot who conflates women empowerment with nationalism, politics with patriotism, revenge with justice, and of course Pakistan with global terrorism.

Once India Is Saved, Tejas Saves It More

She saves it until there’s nothing left to save. She rescues one male pilot from a 50,000-year-old tribal-infested island, another from a beheading in the middle of a desert.

When The Film Closes

It really tries to close – Tejas single-handedly adds another climax and sets her sight on the 26/11 mastermind followed by a mid-air monologue.

The Bottom Line Is That

Tejas is an unruly child, not an immature adult. And the bottom line is that I laughed a lot. Because I’m tired of yelling.