Takkar Movie Review: Siddharth's Forgettable Drama On Unattainable Dreams

Sruthi Ganapathy Raman

A Delicious Take on Fate

Takkar reminded me of Lokesh Kanagaraj’s Maanagaram, and its delicious take on fate in many ways. It has the bitterest (and an earnest) Siddharth you’ll ever see play Gunasekar, an exasperated man who moves to Chennai to make some money.

A Modern Take on the Bitter Angry Young Man

Gunasekar is a modern take on the bitter angry young man who hates the universe and its warped patterns. And his frustrations are relatable. He is not just any other angry young man, but a self-respecting one with anger issues that he’s quite proud of.

Yogi Babu's Comedy Track Breaks the Tension

For some reason, Takkar finds a bizarre need to break the tension of every scene with an exhausting comedy track powered by an even exhausted Yogi Babu, who is way too competent to be deprecating himself in the name of humour.