Sunil Gover 'In the Making' - Navigating Social Media

Team FC

You are 'In The Making' Because?

I love that process and I am enjoying it. Because there is so much more to experience, explore, learn, and do. All of it is fun.

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Opinion on Cancel Culture and Social Media

Why can’t it be a nice world? Why are we not able to see the goodness? To appreciate each other’s existence, to say good things about one another, to celebrate the purpose of someone’s existence. No one is perfect including ourselves. Why is there a competition?

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Where Do You Put Filters in Your Comedy?

I feel people shouldn't question someone’s faith. Someone has grown up with it so let them be. I don’t regret anything that I have done or a joke that I've made. In the moment I might’ve said something, I do apologize for it but I don’t regret it. I intend to make people laugh not hurt them.

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Resonating With the Loneliness of Sunflower's Character

I haven’t been that lonely in life, but the acknowledgment and validation that someone wants from others, to be accepted in a typical way in the society. And he wants to project that he knows, that even I have arrived. I don’t judge him for it. It’s his video game, let him play.

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What Struck a Chord with United Kacche and the Audience?

According to me, it’s because of exploration. Wherever we go we explore ourselves and the area/space. I have always been traveling because my father used to keep changing cities. So now it has become a habit to adjust to new spaces for me which I tried to portray.

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How Do You Work Past Self-Doubt

It’s very difficult. Self-doubt comes and people give it. We slowly become what people think about us. People tell you who you are, that’s why we go to people for advice. We need approval. That is self-doubt. Being Adamant is the answer. Be adamant and keep believing in yourself. Admire yourself.

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