Sukhee Review: A Hot Mess of Home-making, Horse-riding and Shilpa Shetty

Rahul Desai


Is Sukhee yet another coming-of-age tale about a low-key glamorous homemaker who decides to stop being a doormat and defy her blatantly rude family? Is it a film about a middle-aged couple who’ve lost their mojo? 

More Questions

Is it a feminist comedy about four old college friends who reignite their chemistry after 25 years? Or is it just an endless drama about a wife, mother and daughter learning to be a woman again?

Lack Of Self-Awareness

They set out to display the silent strength of homemakers They set out to display the silent strength of homemakers, only to treat them as exotic creatures who can win horse races, eat like scavengers, curse like sailors and ride macho motorbikes.

The Urge To Make A Statement Consumes The Story

The writing isolates the housewife from the world she occupies, reducing her to a supernatural concept.

The Logic Being 

If she doesn’t smash the patriarchy or fly to the moon or learn a new language or run a marathon, is she really winning? If she doesn’t solve climate change, will her kids respect her?