Succession Season 4 Finale: Decoding The Meanings Behind All The Season Finale Titles Of This HBO Show So Far

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In keeping with the show’s literary tradition, the finale follows its predecessors with another line from Berryman’s (rather depressing) poem 'Dream Song 29': Season 1 had ‘Nobody Is Ever Missing’, Season 2 had ‘This Is Not For Tears’, Season 3 had ‘All The Bells Say’ and the Season 4 finale is titled 'With Open Eyes'. Here's what these titles tell us about the characters and the show.

Season 1 Finale -  ‘Nobody Is Ever Missing’

Kendall prepares to take on his father when everything goes Pete Tong: he tries to buy drugs from a waiter, only for them both to drive off and crash into a lake. The next morning, Logan tidied up his mess so – at least in everyone else’s eyes – “nobody’s missing.”

Season 2 Finale - ‘This Is Not For Tears’

Kendall finally has the gumption to be “the killer” and betray his father at the Waystar press conference. For him, it wasn’t the time for “tears”, but “thinking” – he had to let go of the guilt and not crumble into his dad’s arms like he did in the previous finale.

Season 3 Finale - ‘All The Bells Say’

‘All The Bells Say’, is the most obvious: Kendall confesses to his siblings, and insists he’s “not a good person” – but they offer him comfort and tell him he’s not to blame. This inspires a united front and Hail Mary directed straight at their dad: they try to veto the GoJo sale.

Season 4 Finale - 'With Open Eyes'

If you've watched the finale, you know why ‘With Open Eyes’ was chosen for the finale.

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