South Films That Were Remade in International Languages

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Anuraga Aralithu (1986)

This Kannada film was remade in Bangladeshi Bangla in 2002 as 'Shami Stirir Juddho’.

Aalavandhan (2001)

This Tamil film inspired American Filmmaker Quentin Tarantino to create an anime action sequence in his 2003 martial arts film ‘Kill Bill: Volume 1’.

Drishyam (2013)

This Malayalam film became the first Indian movie to be remade in three foreign languages such as Sinhala (Srilanka) as ‘Dharmayudhhyaya’ (2017), and Chinese ‘Sheep without a shepherd (2019).

U-Turn (2016)

This Kannada film was remade in multiple languages. It was remade as Sinhala in Srilanka in 2019 with the same title and in Filipino under the same title in 2020.

Oththa Serppu Size 7 (2019)

This Tamil movie was the first to be remade in Indonesia as Bhasa.

Aahvaanam (1997)

This Telugu film was remade in English as ‘Divorce Invitation’ in 2012.

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