Siren Movie Review

Harshini S V

Interesting Spin

In all honesty, the film unfolds in a very predictable manner. But it is the arc of Keerthy Suresh’s Nandhini — an honest police officer who is suspended on the grounds of custodial violence — that gives the story an interesting spin.

Intriguing Idea To Explore

It’s such an intriguing idea to explore their psyches and create a thrilling cat-and-mouse chase, especially when it is a rare sight to see a leading woman don a cop uniform and go against the hero.

Siren Gets a lot of Things Right

The way debutant Anthony Bhagyaraj has written the sequences is very convincing. There are also random sequences like the missing of a young boy who does small-time thievery or a lost watch that goes on to become important threads in the investigation.

The Biggest Problem

The Problem with Siren is that all these interesting clues, angles and complicated relationship dynamics remain just that. It’s not that the film doesn’t tie them all together but when they are all put together, the sum of it doesn’t look as interesting as the parts.

Contrived Writing

One reason is that the film doesn’t delve deep into any of these angles leaving you desiring to know more about the other characters like Nandini or Malar besides just Thilakan. Another major reason is how contrived the writing is.