Shriya, Jaideep and Sonali 'In The Making' - Struggles And Uncertainty

Team FC

Battling Through the Illness

What kept me going was my son and wanting to be there for him. That was a huge factor for me to cling on to life. That was the biggest mantra for me, to be there for him. I got somebody into this world and I felt that I need to be there till he is 18.

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No-Gig Preparation

An actor is preparing the most when he is not working. Years of sharpening my tools are helping very much. Now, working 24/7 you get into a phase of learning in a way where you experiment with your craft. Not preparing for a scene and then showing up on set.

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On Feeling Being Seen

I think it's a very big deal for me when I’m headlining a show with such wonderful actors. I feel like in the process what I try to do is perhaps if I’m not working, I try to enjoy even those moments as you also have to live a wholesome life and understand and develop yourself as an actor.

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Uncertainity for Creativity

I did prepare for broken news. For some scenes you realize that within the scene something will hit you so you don’t think or plan about it. You know the lines, you’ve read it 10 times so let it take you where it had to. Don’t predict how others or you will respond.

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Sonali is In The Making Because

The joy is in the making and it has taken me a long time to understand that the joy is in the making. As I’ve figured out and seen the industry change you are constantly in the making learning new things.

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Being More Than Your Job

You try not to attach your self-worth to your work. My motivation is not just my work but to learn new things and struggle. I feel like I don’t take any opportunity for granted. So I really give it my all and then you have to just sort of try and detach.

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