Shaitaan Movie Review

Rahul Desai

Family Setup and Intrusion

Shaitaan introduces a seemingly happy family whose holiday is disrupted by a stranger, triggering a dark turn of events as he manipulates their teenage daughter.

Villainous Manipulation

Madhavan's character, Vanraj, takes control of Janvi, the teenage daughter, turning her into his puppet with increasingly sinister commands, embodying a bored devil exploiting his power.

Directorial Approach

Directed by Vikas Bahl, Shaitaan struggles with first-horror-movie syndrome, overly focusing on atmosphere and visuals at the expense of storytelling. Well-constructed scenes fail to coalesce into a compelling narrative.

Monotonous Plot Dynamics

The film falls into a repetitive cycle of Vanraj tormenting Janvi and her attacking her family, resulting in a showreel of pump-scares and Madhavan's gestures, lacking depth beyond surface-level shocks.

Lack of Clear Message

Shaitaan veers into torture-porn territory without providing clear commentary or purpose. Its narrative becomes incidental to its grandstanding, leaving viewers searching for deeper meaning amidst its superficial thrills.

Ambiguity and Disjointed Themes

The film struggles to establish coherent themes, leaving audiences perplexed about its underlying message. Despite its prolonged swag, Shaitaan fails to offer meaningful commentary, ultimately falling short of its potential.