Shades of Motherhood

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Devki Sabarwal from 'Mom' | Netflix

'Mom' is a tale where Sridevi shows us a character who is consumed by the idea of vengeance. She goes to extreme lengths to take revenge against the perpetrators of crimes against her daughter.

Ma from 'Room' | Amazon Prime Video

Room is a tale of an insurmountable spirit of a mother that goes beyond its accessible worlds to protect her son. It changes from being a story about a tragedy to a mother's quest of making sure it doesn't stay that way for her son.

Sarah Connor from 'The Terminator' | Not Available

Sarah conner is a mother who protects his son John Conner from futuristic cyborgs sent to kill him. She also leads the war against the machines and blasts them into oblivion on most days.

Meenakshi Thakur from 'Badhaai Do' | Netflix

One may mistake her silence for weakness but Sheeba Chadha's character is the embodiment and the ultimate example of a progressive mother. Shardul's mother stands rock solid in support of her gay son, providing him solace in a world that seemed ever-so-dark.

Shashi Godbole from 'English Vinglish' | Zee5

Shashi in 'English Vinglish' defies societal expectations and norms to pursue her own dreams and aspirations. Her journey of self-discovery empowerment and self-fulfillment is inspiring.

A Constant Companion
Lorelei Gilmore from 'Gilmore Girls' | Netflix

The bond that Rory and Lorelai share is akin to the bond that best friends share because of how Lorelai raise her as a single mother. Their relationship is strengthened by the various challenges they faced together. 

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