Sex Education Season 4 Review: An Underwhelming Finish

Team FC


Otis and Maeve’s attempts at a long distance relationship are frustrating. In addition to being left on read by Otis, Maeve’s other problem is that for the first time, she’s struggling with her schoolwork.

Sex Takes A Backseat This Season

Whereas previously, sexual issues were consequential enough for the creators to spend a generous amount of screen time on investigating the social and emotional grounds for the complication.

Not Enough Bad To Be Good 

In its final season, Sex Education suffers from weak villains. One of the biggest villains of the season, along with Maeve’s professor, is the school administrator who is incompetent, and inconsiderate towards Isaac (George Robinson) — yes, he’s also in Cavendish.

Where Is The Fight?

By removing the authority figures, there is little for Sex Education to thrust against, except, perhaps, abstract concepts. 

Incomplete Climax

We miss the characters who were not a part of this season and the world that felt like just the right balance of idyllic fantasies and real-world darkness.