Sapta Sagaradaache Ello Review: A Brooding, Beautiful Love Story

Subha J Rao

After Years of Getting Used to The Idea

love stories being light and fluffy and all things sunshine comes a film that tells you love can be found in the shadows too, and even jump across prison cells, infusing some warmth to a cold place. 

Somewhere Beyond the Seven Seas(Translated)

Only someone confident in his writing could have named his 143-minute film after water, and shown us just a fleeting glimpse of a blue expanse; the ocean pounds on, though, in our minds and hearts, and in the spindles and fabric on the power loom.

Everyone is Real

The film, co-written by Gundu Shetty, is accepting of human frailties such as greed. You empathise with some prisoners, you even feel for the tycoon who has a shred of conscience.

It Deserves and Commands A Certain Frame of Mind

The film needs you to let go and submit yourself to the pace Hemanth sets (he’s also a co-editor). Love is of all kinds. Contemplation is love too. As is sacrifice. And, as is letting go. 

Side A-Side B

Will Manu and Priya’s love be hemmed in by the bars of a prison cell? That’s for you to see, and for us to know better in Side B of the film, scheduled to be released on October 20.