Sam Bahadur Actor Vicky Kaushal Responds To The Clash With Ranbir Kapoor’s Animal

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During the teaser launch of Vicky Kaushal starrer Sam Bahadur, Kaushal was asked about the clash of his film Sam Bahadur with Ranbir Kapoor starrer Animal. Both these films will be released in theatres on December 1.

“I think that Friday, we both are gonna eventually gonna hand over our Films to the audience,” Kaushal said at the teaser launch which took place on October 13 in Mumbai. “It will be the audiences' day more than our day. 

In today’s time, we, as an industry, should give the option of multiple films on the same day to the audience. That’s how we will flourish as an industry. We have those many weeks in a year, but as an industry, we cannot limit ourselves to making those many films in a year.

“We have to build an atmosphere where multiple films can work on the same day. We have the strength in the audience, we have the strength at the exhibitor level, so, why not? I think we kind of also need to push the envelope now.

I think, if they resonate with two films and both films are good, both can work. So, I am as excited for Animal as anybody else. As long as it is a great day for the audience. We work for them, not for each other,” kaushal added.

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