Salaar Movie Review: An Ambitious Mass Movie

Sagar Tetali

Ambitious World-Building

"Salaar: Part I - Ceasefire" envisions a world of warring tribes and power struggles with a Game-of-Thrones vibe, featuring a horror-film palette in black, brown, and red.

Tug-of-War Between Ambition and Mass Appeal

The film grapples with conflicting goals, balancing character depth and hero worship, resulting in an intriguing yet frustrating clash between world-building and mass-pandering.

Prashant Neel's Mass Techniques

Director Prashant Neel showcases his mass filmmaking skills, incorporating trademark "elevations" effectively, offering a layered alchemy despite familiar elements from his previous works.

Prabhas' Appeal and Performance

Prabhas' mass appeal is well-handled, blending laidback goofball charm with heroic moments; however, fight sequences are overshadowed by frequent "elevations," impacting the overall impact.

Strong Supporting Performance

Prithviraj Sukumaran delivers a standout performance as Vardharaja Mannar, offering depth in the second half's world and political exploration, though expositional chunks and underdeveloped supporting characters are notable flaws.

Conflict Between Mass-Film and Fantasy/Epic

As the film progresses, the tension between mass appeal and fantasy/sci-fi epic becomes evident, leading to a somewhat disjointed world-building experience despite aesthetic admiration and technical prowess.