Saindhav Movie Review

Ram Venkat Srikar

Venky's Dual Persona

Venkatesh skillfully portrays Saindhav Koneru, a retired assassin with vulnerabilities stemming from his daughter's illness. Despite this, the film struggles to maintain a harmonious blend of action and drama.

Heroic Quest Amid Clutter

The plot revolves around Venky's mission to save his daughter, introducing a refreshing villain, Vikas Malik, but becomes convoluted with an excess of characters, hindering the narrative's clarity.

Tonal Inconsistencies

Saindhav's attempt to mix new-age action with sentimentality results in a tonal imbalance, particularly in portraying the father-daughter bond. The clash of modern and traditional sensibilities is evident, especially in action scenes.

John Wick Undertones

The film draws unavoidable comparisons to the John Wick universe, from organized crime elements to musical cues. Despite attempts at uniqueness, Saindhav struggles to escape these influences.

Action's Bright Spot

Saindhav excels in well-executed, impactful action sequences that effectively convey violence. However, the impact could be enhanced with a more suitable musical score, occasionally mismatched with the film's energy.

Audacious Final Act

Saindhav takes a daring turn in its conclusion, deviating from genre norms, raising questions about its purpose. The film is lauded for its bold choices, though the overall impact falls short of expectations.