Rocky Aur Rani Kii Prem Kahani Review: Ranveer Singh, Alia Bhatt Film is Delicious Eye-Candy With A Rebellious Core | Anupama Chopra

Anupama Chopra

"Ishq Se Badh Ke Dharam Kya?”

That sentiment – love is the greatest religion – is the operating principle of this sparkling, boisterous, sometimes bloated but always determined-to-entertain film.

The Film Asks That We Accept Flaws, In Ourselves And In Each Other

In one deeply moving scene, Rocky tells Rani’s family that he is the way he is because, until now, he didn’t know better. He has been conditioned to believe certain things and behave a certain way. 

Wokeness And Cancel Culture Must Make Place For Compassion 

The plot becomes more somber and more determined to deliver social messaging – this is a film that bats for inclusivity. It shows us how patriarchy curdles even the closest relationships and suffocates even those who have power.

The Palatial Mansions, Fancy Cars, And Exquisite Clothes Start to Distract

The plotting becomes simplistic and convenient and almost breaks under the weight of what the film wants to say.  And when the writing falters, all the beauty and the expensive splendor has a sort of flattening, blandifying effect.

Johar’s Reality Comes From The Rawness And Bigness Of The Drama And Sentiment

Thankfully the director manages to steer past the soft spots on the strength of sheer emotion. He has made cinema that isn’t rooted in any known reality or location or politics.  His reality comes from the rawness and bigness of the drama and sentiment.