Rocky Aur Rani Kii Prem Kahaani Dialogue Writer: “The Whole Film Is An Ode To Hindi Cinema”

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Ishita Moitra, Writer of RARKPK Says:

The Idea Was Not to Make Fun of Those Characters. The idea was just to have fun. My references are all real people, particularly for Rocky — I’ve seen a lot of Rockys in Delhi."

Whenever We Both laughed at Something Then We Knew That it Was Working

Say I’ve written five jokes for a scene, the three best ones make it in. I would send them to Karan and then we would have meetings and he would say, “This is landing, this you can do better”. He was constantly involved in the writing process. 

We Needed to Set Up Those Stereotypes to Break Them

Eventually, whatever anyone thinks of the other, all those stereotypes are shattered. Like, if you think we are fat-shaming a character, by the end you will know we’re not fat-shaming anyone

For Me, It’s a Very Sweet Moment Because We Rarely See Women Propose

While writing The scene when Rani proposes, I just went deep into myself and thought about the time before my husband and I were married, and everything I wanted to say to him and how I felt.

She Gives Rani The Boondi Ladoo Recipe Which is Everything To Her

We discussed that a character like Dhanalakshmi wouldn’t come back and start dancing with them because that’s not who she is. At the same time, for her character just to have even acknowledged that what she has done was wrong, and made a peace offering is huge.