Revisiting Pawan Kalyan’s Five Coolest Intro Scenes

Ram Venkat Srikar

Vakeel Saab - Coming out of exile

Hear me out. You might not have expected Vakeel Saab to be featured here but let me explain why this scene has every right to be labelled one of Pawan’s best introduction scenes. Streaming on Amazon Prime Video.

Balu - The Arrival Of a Courageous Man

This is the set-up: a goon in the market terrorises innocent shopkeepers, forcing them to pay him money every day. Anyone who goes against him will be killed, as established in the film’s opening scene. Streaming on Zee5

Panjaa - Cool Guys Don't Look at Explosions

This is the set-up: The enemies of Bhagavan (Jackie Shroff), a dreaded don in Kolkata, scheme to assassinate him, and they seem to have cracked it all, but there is a catch. They have to outdo Bhagavan’s trusted aide Jai (Pawan Kalyan) to get to him. Streaming on Jio Cinema

Gabbar Singh - 'Pasivaadu Pawan Kalyan Ayyadu'

A full-on cowboy-esque chase and action that feels straight out of a Western, thanks to desert-like location and DSP’s music. Pawan Kalyan's love for Westerns needs no introduction and Gabbar Singh is one more exhibition of it. Streaming on Jio Cinema.

Kushi - The Calmness and Swag of Siddhartha Roy

We first see Siddhu in a low-angle shot, framed against the sky, as he finishes his martial arts training. There's a sense of silence and serenity in this scene that can never be found in a masala movie today. Streaming on Amazon Prime Video.

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