Remembering Jeevan: 5 Interesting Facts You Didn't Know About

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Early Stage Career

Before becoming an actor, Jeevan worked in the Bombay Talkies studio as a laboratory assistant. It was here that he was discovered for his acting talent.

Stage Name & Real Name

Jeevan's real name was Omkar Nath Dhar, but he adopted the screen name "Jeevan," which means "life" in Hindi, early in his career.

Hollywood Connection

He had a brief stint in Hollywood and appeared in the film "Hatari!" (1962), directed by Howard Hawks and starring John Wayne.

Collaboration with Guru Dutt

Jeevan worked with the legendary actor and filmmaker Guru Dutt in several films, including "Mr. & Mrs. '55" and "Howrah Bridge."

Multilingual Actor

Jeevan acted in films across various Indian languages, including Hindi, Bengali, and Marathi, showcasing his adaptability to different film industries.

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