RDX Review: A Generic Action Film That Doesn’t Go Beyond Its Self-Imposed Mass-Entertainer Image

Akilan Nagarajan

Nahas Hidhayath’s Debut Is a Loud Arrival 

The decibel levels in the film do live up to the promise held in its title. This is an addition to Malayalam cinema’s attempts at the “mass” entertainer, one that comes with a specific aim in increasing testosterone levels of a largely male audience.

This Is a Fairly Simple Film. It Doesn’t Have Lofty Ambitions

But the problem is that it doesn’t attempt anything beyond its seemingly self-imposed image of the mass entertainer. Where’s the unique emotional heft that makes us root for its characters?

Even Stars Are Getting Tired Responses From The Audience

Filmmakers need to believe that cheers from an audience would be louder when there’s an organic story backing the characters played by stars.

The Film Does Have An Impactful Setup

At least in terms of the gravity of the visuals depicted – an entire family bludgeoned to hurt, a chain being snatched from a baby’s neck – these images definitely build an expectation for the forthcoming vengeance.

Coming To The Action Sequences, Which Make Up The USP Of The Film

There’s always a semblance of high-octane, soaring voltage, but somehow the feeling never hits the bones. I’d attribute it to the writing, and the very obviously overcompensating background score