Raththam Review: Vijay Antony’s Thriller Is Succinct And Important, But Struggles To Create Emotional Stakes

Sruthi Ganapathy Raman

CS Amudhan’s Raththam

It's is his most serious film till date. It is an investigative thriller set against two real time issues that hits close to home: press freedom and hate crime.

Exploring The Root Of A Crime

Vijay Antony is Ranjith Kumar, a venerated investigative journalist who has hung up his boots after a tragedy. He spots a pattern among a series of murders in Tamil Nadu that no one notices.

Intellectually Strong, Emotionally Frail

But the freshness that the film leverages on as an effective PSA, doesn’t get translated into emotional stakes. There’s nothing wrong with a straight face thriller, sure. 

Through Vijay Antony

Amudhan alerts its viewers of the different faces of hate. So, when a journalist is murdered for calling out a star’s behaviour on paper, a fan from an economically backward position is provoked to become the scapegoat. 

Delivery is Missing

Raththam, which has ambitious and responsible things to talk about, but isn’t too concerned with how it delivers the message.