Ranveer Singh Is Excited And Nervous For Don 3 Reveals Farhan Akhtar

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Farhan Akhtar About Casting Ranveer Singh as Don 

Speaking to The BBC Asian Network, Akhtar said, “I’m just really looking forward to get it going. I mean Ranveer is amazing. He’s great for the part. He’s also as you can imagine, really excited and really nervous, about the thing you’re filling some big shoes before you.

He Feels That Singh is The Perfect Choice To Carry Forward The Legacy

"But we went through the same emotional process when Shah Rukh did it and everyone was like ‘Oh my God, how can you replace Mr Bachchan?.’ That whole thing happened then.”

Filming is Scheduled to Begin in January 2025

He added, “It really is about an actor coming in and owning the part and making it really like, giving it their style and their flair. And he has that, he has that in spades. So, he’s going to do a great job.  

The Most Important Characteristics Of Don Are 

“Self-confidence, flamboyance and the ability to do anything that your mind is set on,” Akhtar said. “I think the responsibility is more mine now to make sure that the script and the film works out the way I imagine.”

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