Raghav Juyal on Living Simply | Content Creators Adda 2023

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During the Content Creators Adda 2023

Attended by Prajakta Koli, Niharika NM, Raghav Juyal, Bhuvan Bam and Trinetra Gummaraju, Raghav Spoke about Taking a Break from TV, Shooting for Kill and mentioned he does not take social media seriously, except for brands.

Surprise Element

"I was already so famous by working on TV, i thought I will have to take a break for 3-4 years So that people will have a surprise element in the movies and so they will accept me. If I am Seen everywhere, the surprise element will go away."

Reactive vs Responsive

"I feel I am very reactive. I Want to be responsive and I am working on it. Whenever something happens I immediately React. So I am working on that. And I am a very Emotional Person. It’s not because I am a cancerian. It’s just who I am."

I See What I Like

"In terms of content, I feel we shouldn't take things seriously. Why should we tell people what to do and how to do things? Everyone is running their home. I see whatever moves me something interesting, something that makes me laugh or cry."

On David Lynch

"We should learn from David Lynch. He does not take himself Seriously at all. He is such a big director, he does not come with any intellectual baggage. He will do whatever he wants to in the most absurd way."

I Travel Alot

"I love travelling. I learn alot from Travelling. What I mean by Travel is to connect with soil. To set up a camp and bring wood. You really understand the value of fire when you are in the woods. You understand the value of Water when there is a Lack of it."

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