Premalu Movie Review

Vishal Menon

Romantic Comedy with Self-Referential Humor

Premalu cleverly addresses romantic tropes with self-referential humor, exemplified by a joke on stalking turned stock-market investing, delivered with conviction by Naslen.

Girish AD's Signature Style

Girish AD's directorial style, showcased in beloved films like Thaneer Mathan Dinangal and Super Sharanya, thrives on finding comedy in everyday situations and reinventing familiar love stories.

Setting and Characters in Hyderabad

Set in Hyderabad, a rare backdrop in Malayalam cinema, Premalu introduces endearing characters that breathe life into the narrative, making each scene feel like a revelation.

Unconventional Plot & Character Dynamics

Despite a generic premise of a love story between a loser and a focused girl, Premalu's writing captivates with its depth, effortlessly portraying character motivations and relationships

Exploration of Male Archetypes

Through characters like Sachin and Aadhi, Premalu delves into contrasting male archetypes, offering insights into modern masculinity and toxic positivity, skillfully balancing humor with introspection.

Reaffirmation of Girish AD's Talent

With impeccable casting and a knack for blending comedy with profound themes, Premalu solidifies Girish AD's position as a dynamic filmmaker, celebrated for his unique storytelling approach.