Ponniyin Selvan 2: Questions We Want Answers To In This Sequel

Sowmya Rajendran

Who is the Oomai Arasi or Oomai Rani and what is her link with the Cholas?

The last visual from PS- 1 is that of the Oomai Arasi swimming in the sea, possibly in search of Arunmozhi who drowned following a battle with the Pandyas and a shipwreck. Earlier in the film, Arunmozhi reveals that she had saved him when he was a young boy and had fallen into the Ponni river.

Is Arunmozhi Varman dead?

Despite the cliffhanger ending of the first film, it’s well known that Arunmozhi was later known as Raja Raja I, the greatest king of the Chola dynasty. Also, the PS-2 trailer shows Arunmozhi in action, so it’s no spoiler to say the prince is alive and well.

Why does Nandini hate Aditha Karikalan and the Chola clan so much?

Nandini was adopted by a priest’s family (which is why Vaishnavite spy Azhwarkadiyan says she’s his foster sister) and brought up in the Chola palace. This is where she met Aditha Karikalan, Kundavai and Arulmozhi Varman. When Karikalan and Nandini grew close, the Chola family sent Nandini away.

If the Oomai Arasi is Nandini's mother, who is the father?

Considering they’re the splitting image of one another, the Oomai Arasi and Nandini are clearly related in some way. If the Oomai Arasi is the mother, who is Nandini’s father?

Does Nandini kill Aditha Karikalan?

The trailer shows Nandini pointing a sword at Aditha Karikalan. The crown prince’s assassination is a matter of historical fact, but there are various theories about why and how Aditha Karikalan was killed.

Why does Madurantakan/ Uttama Chola side with the Pandyas?

Madurantakan is Nandini’s twin brother who was raised as King Gandaraditya and Queen Sembiyan Madevi’s son. In the novel, the connection between Nandini and Madurantakan is made obvious by their close physical resemblance

Who is the boy who is hailed by the Pandyas?

Though the identity of Nandini's father is a secret, there is no doubt that she becomes Veerapandiyan's lover. There is ambiguity in the novel about the parentage of the son

Do Kundavai and Vandiyathevan marry each other?

Vandiyathevan’s (Karthi) “Uyir ungaludayathu, Devi! (My life is yours, Queen!)” line quickly became meme material after PS - 1’s success. The romance between Karthi and Trisha was among the highlights of the film.