Photo Movie Review

Swaroop Kodur

Narrative Simplicity

Utsav Gonwar's Photo comes through as an exercise of great intricacy. It's a heaving film that has lots to exclaim but never does it allow its underlying anguish or sorrow to get in the way of its tall journey.

The Silence Speaks Volumes

The film is more than just a visual document. Instead, The filmmaker sees it as an opportunity to address the viewers directly, to politely ask them to stop the pretend act and to tell them that they too are partially complicit in the problem.


The whole setup unfolds without any fuss or noise and Utsav Gonwar ensures nothing is on the nose. We don't get any sense of the conventional drama or conflict but rather a slice-of-life scenario that's tender and endearing.

Immersive Experience

It helps that the details are defined almost entirely through visuals, with Dinesh Divakaran's wide frames providing an immersive experience. Unlike most other films dealing with such fragile moments, Photo doesn't function as a guide or a recreation but only as a matter-of-fact and sincere tale.Imm


What it employs incredibly well is authenticity. Along with the central cast, actor Jahangeer M.S, who was once popular on the small screen as 'Paapa Pandu', delivers a superb performance as Husenappa in the film.

Produced by Prakash Raj

One must give kudos to veteran actor Prakash Raj who stood by the film and ensured it received a theatrical release, which at one point did not look very promising.