Patna Shuklla Review

Rahul Desai

Plot Overview

Patna Shuklla portrays the journey of lawyer Tanvi Shukla, played by Raveena Tandon, from handling trivial cases to confronting systemic corruption in a landmark trial involving an education scam, showcasing societal bias and threats faced by her family.

Derivative Narrative

The film's underdog narrative and thematic elements bear resemblance to recent releases like "Bhakshak" and "Farrey," and its courtroom drama echoes familiar tropes seen in "Jolly LLB," although lacking authenticity and freshness in execution.

Aesthetic and Simplistic Treatment

Patna Shuklla's simplistic approach often reduces character interactions to delivering information, with heavy-handed scenes lacking depth and imagination, alongside an overreliance on montages to depict character growth and cultural moments.

Subversive Commentary

Despite its shortcomings, the film offers subversive commentary on contemporary issues, such as political manipulation and gender bias, with nuanced portrayals challenging societal norms and expectations, especially in Tanvi's character arc.

Character Complexity

Tanvi Shukla's portrayal as a mediocre yet determined lawyer adds layers to the narrative, exploring themes of privilege, integrity, and the complicity of ordinary individuals, culminating in a thought-provoking final act that questions merit and privilege.

Balancing Limitations

While Patna Shuklla struggles with its execution and narrative coherence, its attempt to address relevant social issues with sincerity deserves acknowledgment, akin to a close call in cricket, urging viewers to consider its merits despite its flaws.