Paramporul Movie Review: This Clever Crime Thriller Could Have Steered Clear of Cliches

Harshini S V

In Paramporul

Inspector Mythreyan (Sarathkumar), a man driven by his greed, forces a petty thief Adhi (Amitash Pradhan) to meet a client and smuggle an antique idol. 

A Peek Into The Crime World

Honesty, loyalty and ethics are the last things you can think of in the smuggling world of debutant C Aravind Raj's Paramporul. Yet, ironically, trust is what the deals between these smugglers are based on, it seems.

Great Ideas, Not-So-Great Execution

Paramporul also has snippets of dark comedy like one where the duo tries to get the idol expert (who evaluates the quality of these statues for the bad guys) to side with them at a crucial point in the film. 

Sarathkumar’s Back-To-Back Cop Performances 

In Por Thozhil and Paramporul, he reassures us that his second innings is one to look forward to. Unlike Loganathan in Por Thozhil, Mythreyan is several times shadier and is equal times animated. 

The Tautness in Por Thozhil’s Screenplay is What Paramporul Misses

These crime thrillers manage to get us invested in their buddy protagonists, making us hopeful of seeing a lot more of such duos in Tamil cinema.