Paradise Movie Review: A Fraught Tale Told With Gentle Detachment

Team FC

Paradise by Prasanna Vithanage

There is an odd but gentle detachment at the heart of Paradise, like a sweet, lulling voice telling a tragic, blood-cut story.

Basic Plot

Paradise trails a married couple, Kesav (Roshan Mathew) and Amritha (Darshana Rajendran), as they decide to vacation in Sri Lanka, as the small island-country is boiling over in protest and anger.

Shot With a Clean, Symmetric Eye

By Rajeev Ravi and edited by Sreekar Prasad, the film refuses tension, even as the circumstances demand it from the form. It prefers, instead, to keep the camera still, at a distance, unmoved by the lives at stake.

The Triumph of Mathew And Rajendran’s Acting

is in their seamless movement between these languages, without drawing too much attention to the switched linguistic lilts.