Only Murders In The Building Season 3 Review

Team FC

After a Dispiriting Season 2 

One of the many joys of Only Murders In The Building – and well into its third season, there are many – has always been its ability to turn its sharp comedic gaze right back at itself.

Better Stakes

Only Murders In The Building season 3 serves up familiar comforts – a carousel of idiosyncratic characters, the friction of the generational gap between leads Short, Steve Martin and Selena Gomez, but balances the heightened drama with more grounded stakes.

The lead trio takes chances on love, wonder why they’re so hesitant to let themselves be vulnerable and grapple with the fallout that ensues when they are.

Behind the heightened kookiness of returning character Joy (Andrea Martin), the makeup artist Charles is in a relationship with, is a return to the show’s exploration of an all-consuming loneliness that would lead someone to begin talking to their fish. 

It's hard to see how long a show like Only Murders In The Building can keep going – its very title is a restriction, providing little leeway for the writers to pivot to newer pastures or to mysteries that stray too far from New York’s The Arconia.